• Welcome Party – Friday, September 2, 7pm @ Arbanassi Palace
  • Wedding Church Ceremony – Saturday, September 3, 4pm @ St. Nikolay Chudotvorets Monastery, Arbanassi
  • Champagne Hour – Saturday, September 3, 5pm @ Arbanassi Palace
  • Wedding Reception & Party – Saturday, September 3, 7:30pm @ Arbanassi Palace
  • Rest Day (Explore the wonderful historic town of Veliko Turnovo or just sleep!) – Sunday, September 4
  • Party bus to the Bulgarian Seaside (Lozenets) – Monday, September 5, ∼ 11am

And here are the full details…There will be a Welcome Cocktail Party for all guests at Arbanassi Palace on Friday, September 2, 2016 starting at 7pm in the evening. This will be an opportunity to meet & greet, experience some amazing Bulgarian wine (amongst other deliciousness) and show some dance moves! Dress code for the Welcome Party is Cocktail Attire.

The Wedding Ceremony will begin at 4pm on Saturday, September 3rd in a nearby church of great meaning, called St. Nikolay Chudotvorets Monastery – a special and historic monument in the heart of Bulgaria. Cocktails will begin around 5pm and the celebration will kick off at 7:30pm that day and sizzle until the sunrise! Put your dance shoesies on! Dress code for the Wedding Reception is Black Tie.

The following day – Sunday September 4, we will all rest; for those of you interested you can go on your own and explore the wonderful city of Veliko Turnovo, or also known as the City of Tsars. It is an amazing experience and we really recommend you guys visiting a few of the nearby sightseeing locations (we will provide more information on this at your hotels). It is a five minute cab ride from Arbanassi to Veliko Turnovo so we strongly recommend you just walk around and explore the town. Then, on Monday, September 5 for those of you who want to join us for fun days at the seaside, we will have organized transportation taking us to the one and only Black Sea and the wonderful town of Lozenets! We will check out by 11am on Sunday and do this journey together all in class of course – in a party bus, accompanied by drinks and amazing music! Once we reach the seaside, there will be a dance party for all of us on Monday, September 5 starting at 8pm. Dress code is Cocktail Attire. There will be further information about the Black Sea hotel accommodations and party in the next couple of months. For that part of the trip you can join us for as long as you would like – you can come for a day or two or the full week! We truly hope all of you can spend a few unforgettable days at our beautiful Bulgarian seaside, dancing, laughing and meeting the sunset & sunrise together!

For those of you who want to continue on their own and see more outside of Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece are our neighboring countries (the Greek islands will be amazing to visit in that time of the year!). Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or need additional information about getting to any of these places. We are here to help with anything you need!

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being part of this special celebration. We look forward to welcoming all of you and sharing unforgettable moments in September!